Transportation Options

Established in the late 19th century as a seaside resort destination, Atlantic City offers easy access and plenty of transportation options for getting to and around the city from major East Coast cities as well as departure points across the United States.

By Car

The easiest and quickest way to get to Atlantic City is by car.  From Center City, take the Walt Whitman Bridge to the Atlantic City Expressway (NJ 42-S).  The drive is about 1 hour.

From PHL airport: Take I95 North to the Walt Whitman Bridge.  The only tricky part might be finding exit 19 [Walt Whitman Bridge] on I95N from PHL. The exit lane appears without a sign and the actual overhead sign for exit 19 is near where the exit lane splits off of I95. Just be sure to get in the right lane after exit 17 [Broad Street exit,] and once you see a 4th lane on your right [this is the exit lane], get over. If you wait for the overhead signage, you may be too late. Bear right at the fork as you go downhill on the exit & it will take you to the right bridge. Once you get over the Walt Whitman Bridge, you stay on that highway & you only need to be sure not to be in the far right lane & you’ll get to AC.  Atlantic City Expressway dead-ends right in the heart of Atlantic City. Straight ahead are Caesars and Trump Plaza. Boardwalk Hall, Tropicana and Atlantic Club are to the right (south); all other casinos are to the left (north).

By Train

From PHL airport, take the SEPTA Regional Rail Line (entrance on pedestrian bridges and commercial roadway) $8.00 one-way to 30th Street Station (Amtrak). New Jersey Transit‘s Atlantic City line runs from 30th Street Station to AC, so you can catch the train at 30th Street Station. The train also makes local stops through Cherry Hill, Lindenwold, etc. The fare is $10.75.  Once you arrive at the Atlantic City Train terminal, there are free shuttles to all casinos.  Use the Kirkman Boulevard exit [follow the crowd] and each shuttle has signage for which casinos they go to.  The shuttles depart quickly, so it’s best not to linger or use the restroom in the Train Terminal as the shuttles will depart without you.  BTW, there is a restroom on the train.  The return shuttle is free as well.  Ask the shuttle driver and/or the hotel front desk for pickup times and waiting area.  It’s usually 30 minutes before train departure at the spot the shuttle drops you off, but not always so please be sure to ask.

Another option is to take the PATCO Speedline to Lindenwold and connect to the AC line.  This has become a popular choice among weekenders and commuters from Philly to AC.  The Speedline runs from 16th and Locust to Lindenwold where you can transfer to the NJ Transit AC line.  If you do decide to use these 2 trains, please be aware that each train has a different ticketing system as they are different agencies, so buy your train tickets accordingly.

If you’re coming from New York City, you can take the Northeast Corridor Line from Penn Station, New York to Trenton. Transfer to the RiverLINE to Pennsauken Transportation Center for the Atlantic City Rail Line. This costs about $21 each way.

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By Bus

Take the NJ Transit 551 bus from the Greyhound Terminal in Philadelphia (10th and Filbert), costs $16.50 one way, direct into Atlantic City Bus Terminal, just a couple of blocks from the nearest casinos.  Greyhound buses also run from the Greyhound Terminal and are $12 (standard fare) or $16 (refundable fare) one way, also going direct to Atlantic City Bus Terminal.  (All buses stop in Camden and Sicklerville while some also stop at the Farley service Plaza.)

Once in Atlantic City, you can get around by Jitney (they run every few minutes on Pacific Avenue, some go to the marina area), NJ Transit bus (at the bus terminal and along Atlantic Avenue, see for schedules), taxi (available almost everywhere) or walk to most locations.

By Air

 Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) is located about 9 miles west of Atlantic City along the Atlantic City Expressway.  It is a smaller, regional airport and is only serviced by Spirit Airlines.  Car rentals are available in the airport, as well as taxi service and passenger vans for larger groups. Bus service via NJTransit is also available with a connection through the Pleasantville Bus Terminal.  There is also an airport shuttle.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is located about 60 miles west.  It is significantly larger than Atlantic City and has more direct flights.  For many travelers, it will be more convenient to fly into Philadelphia and take the train from the airport or rent a car for the hour’s drive to Atlantic City.

Getting Around Atlantic City

The most popular way to get around Atlantic City is by walking along the 4-mile long Boardwalk (the oldest in the United States), or ride in an old-fashioned rolling chair, an Atlantic City tradition.  First introduced at a conference in 1887, rolling chairs have been part of the Atlantic City Boardwalk experience for generations.  Rolling chairs are shaded and pushed by local guides, who charge by distance.  Don’t forget to tip!

Taxicabs are also plentiful throughout the city. The easiest way to get a cab is to call a local service, or go to a a taxi queue outside of any casino. Another popular way to travel around the city is by Jitney, a fleet of green minibuses that run 24 hours a day.