Membership Resolutions

A significant element of NAVPA’s annual conference is the opportunity for NAVPA’s membership to present, discuss, and vote on resolutions that become part of NAVPA’s legislative agenda for the next year.

This year, we are encouraging NAVPA members to submit resolutions in advance of the conference, to allow members enough time to review, digest, and discuss the resolution well in advance of the vote.  Resolutions will be voted upon by a representative of each NAVPA member institution in attendance at the NAVPA Business Meeting on Thursday morning.  Accepted resolutions will be assigned to the Board of Directors and committees for follow-up, and will be incorporated, if necessary into the 2018 Legislative Agenda.

The deadline to submit proposed resolutions to NAVPA’s secretary for inclusion on this website and conference materials is Monday, October 2, 2017, although an earlier submission is strongly recommended.

> Submit a Resolution by October 2 with the fillable NAVPA Resolution Form


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